I want yellow knit

I saw this perfect sweater from United Colors of Benetton in Grazia and I felt in love. Unfortunatly, United Colors of Benetton has no online shop. So, I called 3 stores I know, but they don't have it ;-(.

During the last years United Colors of Benetton lost their presence in the fashion market after they were well-known for their controversial advertising in the 90's. I really liked their clothes during that time, but lost sight after a while. Only last year, I bought a really nice red duffle coat and a cozy long cardigan from United Colors of Benetton.

Now, I have one option left to buy that lovely piece and I will try to catch it on Friday. So cross your fingers!

pics via United Colors of Benetton
Any idea where to buy United Colors of Benetton online?! Let me know.


October Glossy Box

All good things are 3...so here it is: Glossy Box #3 (for me) in October - dedicated to the topic "Care". And I need to say that this box is the best ever! All samples are totally perfect.

I received:
  • Kaloderma: Age Balance Cream (can't be wrong at my age, right? ;-))
  • L'Oréal Professional: Absolut Repair Cellular (I'm crazy about L'Oréal hair products)
  • Misslyn: Sweet Lips (I love this gloss)
  • Moroccanoil: Oil treatment (I usally use L'Oréal oil, but I always wanted to try this...so, I'm really happy to have a sample now)
  • OPI Nail Lacquer: I love OPI polishes and since you can't buy them everywhere here (have to order online), I love this one and I totally like the color - perfect for every occasion. 
As a little gift or advice, there's a beauty receipe from the US inside for a pumpkin poultice in it. I'm sure I'll try it when it got colder outside on a cozy sunday!

Hope you had a perfect glossy box, too?!

Have a nice weekend.



    Heat up your wardrobe...

    Although I ordered already some fall pieces like new shoes, a parka, shorts and so on...I forgot to look for a fuax fur vest. This is also something I always wanted to buy, but never did for whatever reason. So, I found some really nice pieces and some of them are really affordable. Now the question: Which one to take?! ;-)

    See here my picks:

    @ Romwe:
    pics via Romwe

    @ Dorothy Perkins:
    pic via Dorothy Perkins

    @ Topshop:
    Pics via Topshop

    @ Asos:
    pic via Asos

    @ Monki:
    pic via Monki
    I don't know which one to choose. What do you think?



    Rooney Mara - a beautiful chameleon

    I think, she is one of the most convertible women I have ever seen. Sometimes she looks so beautiful, sometimes fragile, girly or very strong and elegant and sometimes a bit wasted...always depends on the role she is playing. That's amazing!

    Pics via Vogue and IMDB
     During the last years, I didn't really paid attention to her - to be honest. But I really like her playing in "The Social Network" and now I was really surprised to see her on US Vogue cover for November.

    Pic via Vogue

    Her photos for Vogue US are incredible. She looks so strong and though. Maybe a bit too hard, but at the same time so elegant and feminine that you just don't know what to think at first sight. Amazing! See more pics here on Vogue.com.

    Pics via Vogue

    Moreover, I'm so excited and looking forward to January when David Fincher's movie "The girl with the dragon tattoo" will be in the theatres. I loved the book and unfortunately I missed the first swedish movie version, so I will definitely be in the theatre when Rooney fights as Lizbeth Salander. Check out the trailer here:


    BLONDE magazine

    I spend little fortunes in magazines every months. Normally, I buy all magazines I like and normally I've read them on a weekend. But due to a lack of time at the moment I a bit behind the schedule...anyway!
    Nevertheless, I wanted to show you the BLONDE magazine this time. One of my fav mags, because the photo series are brilliant!

    Issue # 4 is keeping with the motto: I am a Dreamer!

    So, there's a lovely interview with Kat Frankie who is talking about her dreams, an outer space Color-Blocking photo series and a really dreamy Ethno-Style shoot on the fairground with Helen. I liked the article about the new Istanbul the most. It shows that this exiting city combines all the best of Europe and Asia at the same time. Istanbul's designers are amazing!

    Moreover BLONDE visited Ulrika Lundgren. The Rika designer showed BLONDE her apartment in Amsterdam.

    Sweet dreams.


    It's time to...

    ...give a shit on my bank account and buy some new stuff ;-). Honestly, I really tried so safe some money, but today I have no more patience left!
    Since I needed a warm jacket and really really urgently a simple pair of black pumps and if possible not too expensive, I trawled through my favorite online shops for some days. And as I already wrote, I found my perfect parka ;-)...yeahh...I found some other nice little things besides the shoes and the jacket, of course.

    Here are my picks from Topshop:
    found here

    found here

    found here

    Here are my picks from H&M:
    found here

    found here

    found here

    found here
    What do you think? Yes, I know...it's not very innovative and not the coolest pick, but I always try to buy some stuff I can wear in the office and also combine to my daily outfits.

    I will let you know how it looks when I got the packages!

    PS: I already have the feeling that I spent to much money on stuff like this ;-) WTF!

    On the run for a cuddly warm winter jacket

    This week started with rain and very low temperature for my liking and suddenly it dawned on me that I would need a cuddly warm jacket when it'll get colder.

    I already have a really nice red duffle coat from United Colours of Benetton from last year which I can wear to the office and a classy black coat, too. I also have a cuddly warm short jacket...but...it's short as mentioned and I think one should have a longer one...to not get cold on the kidneys (like my grandma always says ;-)).

    So, I was looking for something not to classy and chick, but to combine easily...not necessarily for the office...and I guess I already had in mind that I really wanted to buy a parka. I never had one before, but actually I love them. And after 4 days endless run...I got it! My perfect parka:

    pic via Topshop
    Hopefully, the delivery won't take so long and now I'm really looking forward for colder weather ;-).

    How do you like it? Already found a winter coat? Let me know!


    Go "Conscious" with H&M

    The new H&M Conscious Collection is online and can be purchased on H&M.com.

    In the video you can have a look backstage with Frida Gustavsson and see how the campaign was shooted.

    I think it's really important that big fashion houses like H&M are inspiring examples when it comes to Consciousness. If those houses set a good example regarding environmental awareness and how we can safe our resources others will follow which is important in times of prolonged droughts in Africa or floodings in Asia.

    And what is also important: conscious fashion doesn't mean it looks like you're candidating for the The Green Party anymore ;-). But convince yourself! Here are my favs:

    pics via

    Miss Palermo is online...