Kelly Cutrone for ANTM! WTF?

What? Really? You're kidding me!!!

To be honest, I don't know why Kelly Cutrone is doing this! She will replace André Leon Talley in "America's Next Topmodel" for cycle 18! (Wow, in Germany we'll have cycle 7 next spring and I already think "When are you planning to stop this"?)

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I really adore Kelly Cutrone and I can't understand why she supports such a show?! My first thoughts! I mean, I also watch ANTM as well as GNTM, but honestly, both shows are completely needless. I guess, most of the people watching it are doing this because the girls are freaking out and behave like real bitches or however you like to call them. But you already know that you'll see the winner for the last time during the final show (which in Germany is a least some kind of show).

Most of the girls won't be real TOPMODELS. Maybe they work as models for supermarket chains or whatever - ok - but Topmodel?! No! Or have you seen one of these girls on the big runways in New York, Milan, Paris or London?! I don't think so. This years and last years winners from GNTM even canceled their contracts with the agency and at least Jana (winner 2011 of GNTM) made it to the Milan Fashion Week 2011.

So what's the point, Kelly?! Why are you doing this?! Maybe Kelly Cutrone can bring some honesty in the show. I really hope so! Maybe she will be the one who will show the future models the real business and how hard and rude it can be. How hurtful it can be if someone tells you that you need to loose weight or you're simply not pretty enough to work as model. Those are things nobody told and taught the girls during all these shows!

So, I really really count on Kelly to make this show a little more reality!

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