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Incidentally, I discovered the HYPE Magazine yesterday in a fuel station! Since I really liked the cover and I never heard of the magazine before, I had to buy it.

I learned on www.hype-magazine.com/blog that the fall issue is the fourth issue for the magazine and that they celebrated their first anniversary with it. Congrats to this wonderful magazine! You won a new reader - definitely!

HYPE Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magzine, but somehow different, I think. The interviews are really interesting and show not only people everybody knows already. Ok, maybe I don't know already - shame on me. But honestly I never heard of Susan Tabak or Susanne Bartsch before and now I'm really glad that I know a little about them, because they seem to be really interesting and special people! There's also an interview with Mr. Goldstein from Berverly Hills what is always fun to read.

The fashion part of the magzine is also kind of special since there's an amazing shoot with Eulalia who is already 68 years old and shown as angel and devil during the shoot. Also the photo series "Go RED" is impressive and powerful.

The beauty part doesn't go short in the magazine too. The series "Witchcraft" shows amazing pictures of beautiful colors and models.

Some impressions:
Interview with party girl Susanne Bartsch

photo shoot with Eulalia

series "Go RED!"

beauty shoot "Witchcraft"

beauty shoot "La Fleur"
If you have the chance, go get the magazine. I promise you won't be disappointed and be a regular reader soon!


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