On the run for a cuddly warm winter jacket

This week started with rain and very low temperature for my liking and suddenly it dawned on me that I would need a cuddly warm jacket when it'll get colder.

I already have a really nice red duffle coat from United Colours of Benetton from last year which I can wear to the office and a classy black coat, too. I also have a cuddly warm short jacket...but...it's short as mentioned and I think one should have a longer one...to not get cold on the kidneys (like my grandma always says ;-)).

So, I was looking for something not to classy and chick, but to combine easily...not necessarily for the office...and I guess I already had in mind that I really wanted to buy a parka. I never had one before, but actually I love them. And after 4 days endless run...I got it! My perfect parka:

pic via Topshop
Hopefully, the delivery won't take so long and now I'm really looking forward for colder weather ;-).

How do you like it? Already found a winter coat? Let me know!

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