Rooney Mara - a beautiful chameleon

I think, she is one of the most convertible women I have ever seen. Sometimes she looks so beautiful, sometimes fragile, girly or very strong and elegant and sometimes a bit wasted...always depends on the role she is playing. That's amazing!

Pics via Vogue and IMDB
 During the last years, I didn't really paid attention to her - to be honest. But I really like her playing in "The Social Network" and now I was really surprised to see her on US Vogue cover for November.

Pic via Vogue

Her photos for Vogue US are incredible. She looks so strong and though. Maybe a bit too hard, but at the same time so elegant and feminine that you just don't know what to think at first sight. Amazing! See more pics here on Vogue.com.

Pics via Vogue

Moreover, I'm so excited and looking forward to January when David Fincher's movie "The girl with the dragon tattoo" will be in the theatres. I loved the book and unfortunately I missed the first swedish movie version, so I will definitely be in the theatre when Rooney fights as Lizbeth Salander. Check out the trailer here:

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  1. She's gorgeous and this spread for Vogue is breathtaking!