BLONDE magazine

I spend little fortunes in magazines every months. Normally, I buy all magazines I like and normally I've read them on a weekend. But due to a lack of time at the moment I a bit behind the schedule...anyway!
Nevertheless, I wanted to show you the BLONDE magazine this time. One of my fav mags, because the photo series are brilliant!

Issue # 4 is keeping with the motto: I am a Dreamer!

So, there's a lovely interview with Kat Frankie who is talking about her dreams, an outer space Color-Blocking photo series and a really dreamy Ethno-Style shoot on the fairground with Helen. I liked the article about the new Istanbul the most. It shows that this exiting city combines all the best of Europe and Asia at the same time. Istanbul's designers are amazing!

Moreover BLONDE visited Ulrika Lundgren. The Rika designer showed BLONDE her apartment in Amsterdam.

Sweet dreams.

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