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Glossybox extended it's service! Next to the Glossybox for beauty issues you can find now the Glossybox STYLE page online. Actually, it was already online last week, but since today you can also access your on showroom.

Although the concept is not new (e.g. see Just Fabulous or StyleMint) I'm excited about the new Glossybox Style page and curious about the recommendations.

Starting is easy: you can create your own style profile and see what style type you are. Mine fits actually :-). Classic for the office and casual chic and romantic during my free time. 

My Style via Glossybox Style
After the creation of your profile you'll receive recommendations from stylists what fits and completes your special type. If you have more than one explicit style like me ;-) you'll have different showrooms - each for a style type.
My Casual Chic Showroom via Glossybox Style
You can choose whatever you want from your showroom and each piece will only cost 39,90 €. Which is for some pieces totally fine and for other a bit expensive (I think). But I think you can make real bargains from time to time and hopefully the picks from the stylists will be appropriate. I like some of the pieces, but I think there are better ones to be find. I count on the stylist team:

Stylist team from Glossybox Style
So, create your style profile and let me know what style type you are and how you like the recommendations!
Have fun!

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