T.K.Maxx - Bargain hunting...

Although I want to pimp my business wardrobe I made some casual hot deals yesterday. During a little shopping trip through the city I ran into T.K.Maxx in Bonn. I already made some bargains before at T.K.Maxx in Berlin, but the store in Bonn is quite new and I've never made it there before. So, I was really pleased at first sight.
The store has really a lot of space, it's not so closely spaced like many other shops and the range contains womenswear, menswear, shoes, bags, accessoires, beauty products, kids collections and a lot of home decoration.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a nice pair of shoes, but therefore I found my new favorite denim jacket from Tribeca New York! Lucky me, it was priced down from 189,00€ to 49,00€! Wohoooo....

Tribeca Jeans New York via T.K.Maxx - 49,00 €

Already happy with my new jacket and on my way to the checkout I wasn't able to ignore this beautiful poncho from QED London for only 22,00€. It's perfect for these days when it's not warm and not really cold, you know! And it really fits to the "Navajo-Trend" this autumn.

Poncho from QED London via T.K.Maxx - 22,00 €

And to top this all - my cutie found a really classy bag from Calvin Klein and made me a sweet present :-). I love this bag. It's colour is so perfect for business and looks so classy! The only thing is - it could be a bit bigger! Yes, I know the very small bags are trend this times, but for me...a bag should be big, because I have so muuch stuff to carry around all day long! But for this bag I make an exception!

CK Calvin Klein bag in coral via T.K.Maxx - 80,00 €
Unfortunately, T.K.Maxx has no online shop yet. The UK has one, but they don't deliver outside the UK. So, find a store near or in your town and good luck!


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