I was Grazia Remington tester

Two weeks I got a package and wondered what I've ordered again and forgot until I saw the GRAZIA tag.

Lucky me, I was chooses as Grazia Remington tester (I applied some weeks ago since I always need to straighten my hair or at least blow-dry it with a big brush, because I look like a swab if I wouldn't).

I got a Remington styling iron (Stylist Multi Iron) which will be on market by end of September. Of course, I directly washed my hair and put the straightener on.

The flat iron has a special features for curls and soft waves and you only need to flip the switch a little and there you go.
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Since I really tried a lot of flat irons, I would really recommend this Remington hair straightener and not only, because I got it for free. It has a nice design and looks cool in black and red. The features are easy to handle. The only thing I don't like is that it's a bit heavy for a flat iron! I wish it would be a bit smaller and lighter. But for 49,99 € it's really one of the best irons I know.

But if you are looking for a hair straightener anyway, have a look on this one.

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Have fun!

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