They won't make it...

in my shoe cabinet!

I'm very open-minded when it comes to shoes! But sometimes I have to say NO WAY! which is unfortunately not very often. Nevertheless, yesterday it happened. I was looking for "office shoes" at Topshop. And there it was...right on the first shoe page - even titled with "HQ LOVES"....WHO? And under those shoes again...a pair of loafers made me srew up my face.

Here they are:

pics via www.topshop.com
I mean...if someone reads this post and really would buy these shoes or just knows someone who want to buy these...please let me know! I'd like to see an outfit with the shoes which looks good. Because I can't picture one at the moment. These shoes remind me of an very old kings slippers. I can picture him with a matching dressing grown - definitely, but no one else! And the brown loafers...in former time I can remember of older men who wore such shoes with white socks in it, kahki shorts and a white print shirt when he made sightseeing with the family during his vacation! IIIIissshhh....no those shoes don't look pretty cute, even not with a little cute dress.


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