Boots are made for....

...defnitely not only for walking. Not for me! If they were, it wouldn't matter how they look, but it does!
I recognized this last weekend when I went for a weekend with the company. It was said that we would need walking boots or at least some kind of boots.
That was a challenge to be honest, because I'm really not the "boot or sneaker girl". So, I tried to find some proper shoes for the weekend and the only pair I found was a pair of Converse with pink glitter :-).

Lucky me, it didn't rain during the weekend and the ways we walked were mostly tarred and not in the woods. But I had wet socks and feet after the 3 hour walk and I guess Converse are definitely made for long walks! So, I decided to give walking boots a chance and see what I can find online in case I would need some in the future or maybe I could were them when I go for a walk with Jones.

I'm disappointed now! All those "real" walking boots look the same and they are not pretty! Why is that? I mean, I know they have to be robust in all ways and practical and they need solid soles and so on...but does that mean they have to be ugly?

I only found two pairs of boots (not really walking boots; but I think you could wear them for walking through the woods) which I really liked.

Vagabond über Zalando - 99,95 €
Zign über Zalando - 99,95 €

If someone has an explanation for the looks of walking boots or know a shop where to find cool and pretty boots please let me know asap. I would be really happy about this.


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