Book recommendation: "Finde Deinen Style" (Find your style)

I love illustrated books and guides about style, fashion and cities! And I do have really a lot of them, but I always find some more :-).

This one I found incidentally and I really like to recommend it to you. Unfortunately, it was only published in German, but since it is full of pictures and photographs it doesn't really matter and I promise that you'll love the book anyway.

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I already liked the front page and since it said styling tips from fashion bloggers all over the world, this book had to be mine. I mean, I started a tiny blog and I always feel inspired by others tipps and recommendations.

The book gives a perfect overview about Must Haves for your wardrobe and detailed information about every single pieces of it.
content page
Must Haves

details for dresses
This is pictured for pants, skirts, shirst, blouses and bags and accessoires too. I really like the idea that I can take the book and compare the things with my wardrobe and find new outfits, new ways to wear my clothes, because the bloggers giving also really good advices how to pimp your outfits just with the things you already have. I love such hints.

A few words from Jane Aldridge

A lot of my favorite bloggers are in and contributed with tips and new outfit creations for really everyone! Even if you're not a blogger or fashion freak you'll find some good advices and for sure you'll like to try some of these tips after reading/ watching!


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