RookieMag.com and a grown-up Tavi

To be honest - when I first heard about Tavi I wasn't sure what to think! I couldn't really find out why everyone was so obsessed and especially WHY ANNA WINTOUR?

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I thought, this little girl looked like her own grandmother (No offence! I'm sorry Tavi!) and I wasn't able to find out why a young girl dresses up like this?! So, I read her blog Style Rookie from time to time to see and maybe find out what's the thing about Tavi.

Until now, I don't really get her, but maybe that's just because we have not quite the same understanding of fashion and style. What is not bad at all! What fascinated me more then her way of styling was to see how she changed and is growing up, but still is the same Tavi.

I started to read and watch her new blog Rookie Mag when it went online on September 1rst. It's definitely more "teenage", but it's again the old Tavi. I like that she's not trying to do a "Teenage Guide" thing although she writes about a lot of stuff girls in her age are interested in and I have to admit that I can picture myself in previous years. I would definitely read her blog all day long if I were younger. Now, I read it from time to time and I really enjoy it.

So, maybe that's the thing about her - she is just herself - always! Is that the thing that fascinates us by stars, actresses, style icons, models etc.....that they are obviously different from us and do, wear, say, sing....things we are afraid of? Are we fascinted, because we can take in a life we wouldn't be brave enough for?

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