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pics via MONKI

Due to an acute lack of time and severe budget cuts I haven't done shopping for like ever! Maybe this wouldn't be so bad if it was May and I already had my summer wardrobe completed, but it's September and I don't have appropriate boots for fall, no fall coat, I need new black pumps since Jonesy, my lovely dog, ate one of my older pairs and wanted to buy cool knits, some skirts or shorts for fall...tbc.

The one thing is the time lack at the moment, but I think I could manage this somehow, but the budget cuts...I don't know. Normally, I just buy clothes, shoes and all those things I like to have without thinking about the money...I mean, who needs the money on the bank account?! Honestly! But this time...there's nearly nothing left to spend :-(. So, I definitely need to safe some money which gives me time to really think about what I need for fall and winter!

Anyway, what I actually wanted to say...yesterday I made it to read through my Google Reader and the 100s of blogs and I was indignant about all the news that I missed....MONKI and COS have ONLINE SHOPS NOW! And I missed that!  I've always wished that Monki has an online store and now I just missed this fantastic news.

So I forgot about the budget cuts for a moment and had a look at the two novices to sort out my favorites in case I'll have some money shortly :-).

MONKI favorites:

pic via MONKI
all pics via MONKI

  1. Mimmi
  2. Lee
  3. Maja
  4. Lisa
  5. Sarah
  6. Disa
  7. Juliette
  8. Pecka
  9. Mickie
  10. Mona
  11. Mandy
  12. Belina
  13. Jessie
  14. Marusha
  15. Daria
  16. Paula

COS favorites:
pic via COS

all pics via COS
  1. Graphic Knit Jumper
  2. Leather Pocket Skirt 
  3. Wooden Hoop Necklace
  4. V-Neck Cocoon Dress
  5. Structured Wool Felt Dress
  6. Leather Pocket Dress
  7. Printed Collar Shift Dress
  8. Thin Braided Leather Belt
  9. Color Block Dress
  10. Leather Strand Necklace
  11. Elastic Cuff Silk Shirt
  12. Hooded Scuba Jacket
  13. Merino Ribbon Jumper
I think I don't need to wish Good Luck to find something :-). Let me know what your favorites are?! Already bought something?


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