Lady Gaga at Thierry Mugler Paris fashion show

Shiny gapped teeth like a rabbit with colored fur! That's how Lady Gaga presents herself in the short film for Mugler in Nicola Formichetti's show on September 28th in Paris.

She says her heart feels black sometimes, but there are days when it feels like a rainbow. And she added the warning not to anger a Mugler woman, because she will eat us! Uhhhhuuuu...!
I think this respresents the collection totally. Dark and edgy somehow, but with shiny and glamorous pieces! Elegant and strong, but very feminine.

For me...Lady Gaga was the perfect choice to do such a short movie for Mugler to present the line. She is exactly like the collection or at least she seems to be. Dark, but sometimes like a rainbow. Strong and at the same time softly.

But make up your own mind:

Have a nice weekend.


New Online Shops - Monki and COS

pics via MONKI

Due to an acute lack of time and severe budget cuts I haven't done shopping for like ever! Maybe this wouldn't be so bad if it was May and I already had my summer wardrobe completed, but it's September and I don't have appropriate boots for fall, no fall coat, I need new black pumps since Jonesy, my lovely dog, ate one of my older pairs and wanted to buy cool knits, some skirts or shorts for fall...tbc.

The one thing is the time lack at the moment, but I think I could manage this somehow, but the budget cuts...I don't know. Normally, I just buy clothes, shoes and all those things I like to have without thinking about the money...I mean, who needs the money on the bank account?! Honestly! But this time...there's nearly nothing left to spend :-(. So, I definitely need to safe some money which gives me time to really think about what I need for fall and winter!

Anyway, what I actually wanted to say...yesterday I made it to read through my Google Reader and the 100s of blogs and I was indignant about all the news that I missed....MONKI and COS have ONLINE SHOPS NOW! And I missed that!  I've always wished that Monki has an online store and now I just missed this fantastic news.

So I forgot about the budget cuts for a moment and had a look at the two novices to sort out my favorites in case I'll have some money shortly :-).

MONKI favorites:

pic via MONKI
all pics via MONKI

  1. Mimmi
  2. Lee
  3. Maja
  4. Lisa
  5. Sarah
  6. Disa
  7. Juliette
  8. Pecka
  9. Mickie
  10. Mona
  11. Mandy
  12. Belina
  13. Jessie
  14. Marusha
  15. Daria
  16. Paula

COS favorites:
pic via COS

all pics via COS
  1. Graphic Knit Jumper
  2. Leather Pocket Skirt 
  3. Wooden Hoop Necklace
  4. V-Neck Cocoon Dress
  5. Structured Wool Felt Dress
  6. Leather Pocket Dress
  7. Printed Collar Shift Dress
  8. Thin Braided Leather Belt
  9. Color Block Dress
  10. Leather Strand Necklace
  11. Elastic Cuff Silk Shirt
  12. Hooded Scuba Jacket
  13. Merino Ribbon Jumper
I think I don't need to wish Good Luck to find something :-). Let me know what your favorites are?! Already bought something?



Paper Crown lookbook Spring 2012

As I already mentioned before I'm a big fan of The Hills and The City and of course...of Lauren Conrad. So, I read her blog too and of course I love Paper Crown. Lauren's first collection in Fall 2011 already impressed me and I loved the Holiday 2011 line. It's so Lauren and so wearable.

That's why I definitely won't withhold you the Spring 2012 lookbook of Paper Crown although it will be in stores not before March 2012.
Pic via Lauren Conrad

The collection is again for everyone, I think. There are so many lovely pieces that every girl or women can find something. Long dresses, skirts and short which can be combined perfectly for an office outfit, cute blouses and shirts. The colors are soft and classy and the fabrics are smooth and flowing.

For me it's a really really successful collections since it's Lauren-like and full of classy, but interesting pieces which can be combined to every occasion. 

Unfortunately, there's no own online store for Paper Crown yet, but here you can find stores in your area and different online shops.

all pics via Lauren Conrad
 And if you are also such a big fan of Lauren have a look at KOHL'S. They have a special LC Lauren Conrad site where she presents a fall collection, her favorite shoes and jewellery. I already found a pair of beautiful platform loafers and fall shorts.

Have fun!

September Glossy Box

Yesterday, I had again a little message in my mailbox that I received a package. Like in August, I wasn't at home at the right time :-( and it could be only the Glossy Box. Today I already read some comments from other Glossy Box subscribers who were complaining about the content this months.

But when I opened my box I was really surprised and happy. It's definitely better than the August Glossy Box. All the products fit to my profile.

Here's what I got:

  • BURT'S BEEs Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream 
  • Dr. Med. Christine Schrammek Cosmetic Blemish Balm
  • Klapp X-treme Hydra Complete 
  • LCN Special Mono Eyeshadow
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Shampoo
September Glossy Box
Thanks to the Glossy Box Team!

Are you satisfied with your box?



...with the BABY BOHÈME von Moschino Cheap and Chic! The most perfect bag I've ever seen.
I don't find the right words to describe the BABY! So just have a look:

pic via Sarenza
The only thing that makes me sad is the price :-( which is 545,00 €!

If someone buys the BABY...please can I lend it?


Boots are made for....

...defnitely not only for walking. Not for me! If they were, it wouldn't matter how they look, but it does!
I recognized this last weekend when I went for a weekend with the company. It was said that we would need walking boots or at least some kind of boots.
That was a challenge to be honest, because I'm really not the "boot or sneaker girl". So, I tried to find some proper shoes for the weekend and the only pair I found was a pair of Converse with pink glitter :-).

Lucky me, it didn't rain during the weekend and the ways we walked were mostly tarred and not in the woods. But I had wet socks and feet after the 3 hour walk and I guess Converse are definitely made for long walks! So, I decided to give walking boots a chance and see what I can find online in case I would need some in the future or maybe I could were them when I go for a walk with Jones.

I'm disappointed now! All those "real" walking boots look the same and they are not pretty! Why is that? I mean, I know they have to be robust in all ways and practical and they need solid soles and so on...but does that mean they have to be ugly?

I only found two pairs of boots (not really walking boots; but I think you could wear them for walking through the woods) which I really liked.

Vagabond über Zalando - 99,95 €
Zign über Zalando - 99,95 €

If someone has an explanation for the looks of walking boots or know a shop where to find cool and pretty boots please let me know asap. I would be really happy about this.



Dogs love shoes, too!

..and I had to experience that grieviously last Thursday evening. I left my pumps on the floor and forgot to put them back in the rack before we left for dinner.

Two hours later, my pumps were shredded :-(. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but the heels were bit in two. Bad bad dog!!! :-) Ok, maybe I would be mad about that if he'd done this with another pair of shoes, but since those weren't really an investment and just very simple ones, I'm not that sad. And lucky me...I need new ones now! I mean, I still have some pumps in my shoe rack, but they are different and I need a new pair like the detroyed ones, of course!

So, I looked for new simple black pumps, but there are thousands of them everywhere and there's always a slight difference between them. And I found some really good alternatives to the simple black ones....but I guess, I have to decide now...!

My criteria:
  • black or a neutral colour, no neon
  • heels not more then 8cm  - (I have to walk a lot and I still want to know who women on 12cm heels survive a 12 hour working day?)
  • heels shouldn't be too thin
  • if possible no winkle-pickers pls. - I prefer round shoes or at least not too peaky.
This is what I found until now:

pics via H&M, Mango, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Urban Outfitters and Asos

I already have my favorites. What do you think?


Michelle Williams for Vogue US in October

Still waiting for my US Vogue September issue (because the company where I subscribed couldn't deliver yet - aahhhhh) I saw the October cover this morning.

It's Michelle Williams in Marilyn Monroe style and since I'm a big of both, I checked out the pictures on Vogue, because I cannot wait until I can hold the issue in my hands.

Michelle Williams for Vogue, pic via
I think Michelle Williams is one of the best to present the Marilyn Monroe Style. Not only that she looks very much like her even without being dressed for Vogue cover shoot, but she seems like a though and cool woman too and at the same time seems so fragile. That reminds so much on Marilyn. I really love the pics and can't wait for the October issue.

My favorite pic via
You can find all pics here.



Book recommendation: "Finde Deinen Style" (Find your style)

I love illustrated books and guides about style, fashion and cities! And I do have really a lot of them, but I always find some more :-).

This one I found incidentally and I really like to recommend it to you. Unfortunately, it was only published in German, but since it is full of pictures and photographs it doesn't really matter and I promise that you'll love the book anyway.

pic via
I already liked the front page and since it said styling tips from fashion bloggers all over the world, this book had to be mine. I mean, I started a tiny blog and I always feel inspired by others tipps and recommendations.

The book gives a perfect overview about Must Haves for your wardrobe and detailed information about every single pieces of it.
content page
Must Haves

details for dresses
This is pictured for pants, skirts, shirst, blouses and bags and accessoires too. I really like the idea that I can take the book and compare the things with my wardrobe and find new outfits, new ways to wear my clothes, because the bloggers giving also really good advices how to pimp your outfits just with the things you already have. I love such hints.

A few words from Jane Aldridge

A lot of my favorite bloggers are in and contributed with tips and new outfit creations for really everyone! Even if you're not a blogger or fashion freak you'll find some good advices and for sure you'll like to try some of these tips after reading/ watching!



I was Grazia Remington tester

Two weeks I got a package and wondered what I've ordered again and forgot until I saw the GRAZIA tag.

Lucky me, I was chooses as Grazia Remington tester (I applied some weeks ago since I always need to straighten my hair or at least blow-dry it with a big brush, because I look like a swab if I wouldn't).

I got a Remington styling iron (Stylist Multi Iron) which will be on market by end of September. Of course, I directly washed my hair and put the straightener on.

The flat iron has a special features for curls and soft waves and you only need to flip the switch a little and there you go.
pic via

Since I really tried a lot of flat irons, I would really recommend this Remington hair straightener and not only, because I got it for free. It has a nice design and looks cool in black and red. The features are easy to handle. The only thing I don't like is that it's a bit heavy for a flat iron! I wish it would be a bit smaller and lighter. But for 49,99 € it's really one of the best irons I know.

But if you are looking for a hair straightener anyway, have a look on this one.

pic via

Have fun!

RookieMag.com and a grown-up Tavi

To be honest - when I first heard about Tavi I wasn't sure what to think! I couldn't really find out why everyone was so obsessed and especially WHY ANNA WINTOUR?

pic via

I thought, this little girl looked like her own grandmother (No offence! I'm sorry Tavi!) and I wasn't able to find out why a young girl dresses up like this?! So, I read her blog Style Rookie from time to time to see and maybe find out what's the thing about Tavi.

Until now, I don't really get her, but maybe that's just because we have not quite the same understanding of fashion and style. What is not bad at all! What fascinated me more then her way of styling was to see how she changed and is growing up, but still is the same Tavi.

I started to read and watch her new blog Rookie Mag when it went online on September 1rst. It's definitely more "teenage", but it's again the old Tavi. I like that she's not trying to do a "Teenage Guide" thing although she writes about a lot of stuff girls in her age are interested in and I have to admit that I can picture myself in previous years. I would definitely read her blog all day long if I were younger. Now, I read it from time to time and I really enjoy it.

So, maybe that's the thing about her - she is just herself - always! Is that the thing that fascinates us by stars, actresses, style icons, models etc.....that they are obviously different from us and do, wear, say, sing....things we are afraid of? Are we fascinted, because we can take in a life we wouldn't be brave enough for?

screenshot via www.rookiemag.com


My lovely bouclé jacket

Already some months ago I found a beautiful bouclé jacket from VeroModa. I always wanted to have one and since I can't afford Chanel yet...this was a perfect alternative. It was 80,00 € at that point of time, but lucky me - I've waited a little longer and...tataaaa... I got it for 24,95 € in Sale!

I really love this jacket, because it's perfect for the office even with a simple white shirt and black pants and with jeans and heels you are perfectly dressed for the evening event!

Business outfit with:
pic via www.gap.eu - pants for 45,95 GBP

pic via Vero Moda - Shirt for 16,95 €

Love, love, love!

Favorite "Autumn-Business-Blouses"

I sadly recognized during the last working days that my repertoire of blouses is really limited! Actually, it shouldn't suprise me since I'm no big blouse fan at all, but it restricts me in my choice every morning now I really need them.

Sooo...don't be sad too long just go ahead and find some halfway decent ones! Therefore, I browsed through my favorite online shops yesterday and guess what I found - Blouses that I really like which was perhaps down to the fact that those pieces don't look boring and unlike those typical blouses you need to iron every morning for hours.

I found a combination between blouses and shirts, smooth and coloured fabrics, tight and wide ones, printed ones, some with cute loops, with buttons or not...nearly whatever you want! They are classy, perfect for pant suits, but they fit to denim as well. I saved so many on my wishlists that I can't decide which I should order?

Here are my favorites in pics. What do you think?

pics via www.asos.de

pics via www.topshop.com

French Connection
pic via www.frenchconnection.com - 74,00 €

pics via www.hm.com

pics via www.shop.mango.com

Urban Outfitters
pic via www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk - 53,00 €

pic via www.newlook.com - 19,99 GBP

...and many many more! I just can't decide! Help! Let me know what you think or post a link when you found another cute blouse.



T.K.Maxx - Bargain hunting...

Although I want to pimp my business wardrobe I made some casual hot deals yesterday. During a little shopping trip through the city I ran into T.K.Maxx in Bonn. I already made some bargains before at T.K.Maxx in Berlin, but the store in Bonn is quite new and I've never made it there before. So, I was really pleased at first sight.
The store has really a lot of space, it's not so closely spaced like many other shops and the range contains womenswear, menswear, shoes, bags, accessoires, beauty products, kids collections and a lot of home decoration.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a nice pair of shoes, but therefore I found my new favorite denim jacket from Tribeca New York! Lucky me, it was priced down from 189,00€ to 49,00€! Wohoooo....

Tribeca Jeans New York via T.K.Maxx - 49,00 €

Already happy with my new jacket and on my way to the checkout I wasn't able to ignore this beautiful poncho from QED London for only 22,00€. It's perfect for these days when it's not warm and not really cold, you know! And it really fits to the "Navajo-Trend" this autumn.

Poncho from QED London via T.K.Maxx - 22,00 €

And to top this all - my cutie found a really classy bag from Calvin Klein and made me a sweet present :-). I love this bag. It's colour is so perfect for business and looks so classy! The only thing is - it could be a bit bigger! Yes, I know the very small bags are trend this times, but for me...a bag should be big, because I have so muuch stuff to carry around all day long! But for this bag I make an exception!

CK Calvin Klein bag in coral via T.K.Maxx - 80,00 €
Unfortunately, T.K.Maxx has no online shop yet. The UK has one, but they don't deliver outside the UK. So, find a store near or in your town and good luck!



Waiting for Missioni....

And still ten days left until Missioni will hit the stores for Target and can be purchased online via www.target.com.

My favorite piece :-). Pic via.

I think, you all have already seen the preview. Me too, but only today I had the chance to have a closer look at the collection. I mean what should be said to this...It's Missioni! Can't be mistaken and I really love some of the pieces and decided to order some. Especially some of the dresses are perfect for casual Fridays with flats and blazer.

all pics via
The collection not only includes clothing, but also shoes, accessoires, decoration pieces as well as some pieces for kids and men. I already picked some things I'd like to order as presents for my lovely niece and my family.

Here's my choice:
Shoe pics via

Accessoires pics via

Decoration pics via

Kids pics via

Men pics via
Unfortunately this collection can only be ordered via target.com in the US. But I read in Life&Style #35 that you can ship your orders to e.g. Germany via www.myus.com.

Happy shopping!


They won't make it...

in my shoe cabinet!

I'm very open-minded when it comes to shoes! But sometimes I have to say NO WAY! which is unfortunately not very often. Nevertheless, yesterday it happened. I was looking for "office shoes" at Topshop. And there it was...right on the first shoe page - even titled with "HQ LOVES"....WHO? And under those shoes again...a pair of loafers made me srew up my face.

Here they are:

pics via www.topshop.com
I mean...if someone reads this post and really would buy these shoes or just knows someone who want to buy these...please let me know! I'd like to see an outfit with the shoes which looks good. Because I can't picture one at the moment. These shoes remind me of an very old kings slippers. I can picture him with a matching dressing grown - definitely, but no one else! And the brown loafers...in former time I can remember of older men who wore such shoes with white socks in it, kahki shorts and a white print shirt when he made sightseeing with the family during his vacation! IIIIissshhh....no those shoes don't look pretty cute, even not with a little cute dress.