Can you wear cord pants in the office?

Years ago I wore cord pants! I had brown and dark green ones in really wide cord (during that time I adored Nirvana and wore only clothes that looked shabby enough). I also had a purple baby cord pant, but unfortunately, I'm a time-limited pack rat when it comes to fashion. I stock pieces for years and then...from one minute to the other I need to clear out my wardrobe! And always....really always I give or toss away pieces I'll miss some time later. And of course I didn't stock my cord pants - boo-hoo ;-(.

So, I need to buy a new cord pant now, but I'm still not sure what color. I already decided for a skinny one. There are so many really great colors, but do they go with an office outfit?! Maybe I should go with a dark color though?!

So, here's my choice so far:

I think, I can combine them (all ;-)) perfectly with my new shoes I bought recently:
via H&M
via Topshop

via H&M

and then add a silky blouse like those:
via Mango
and to top off add a Tuxedo like this:

via Dorothy Perkins

I guess that works! Maybe not for official meetings, but on a day without appointments or on casual Friday's! Perfectly fine with me!

What do you think? Does cord go for the office?

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