Family portrait...Otto Dix

Accidentally, I saw a portrait of Otto Dix, a well-known painter...especially in the area where I come from ;-). He was born in 1891 in the same town I was born in 1981 (funny ;-)) - in Gera (for sure, nearly nobody knows this little town) which is "Otto-Dix town", too.

His birthplace in Gera

Not only because of the same last name, but first of all he was a great painter who I really like, I don't want to keep back the video from ARTE about Otto Dix.

If you like you can also see it again in TV on:
  • Sunday, 20. November 2011, 06:00
    Monday, 21. November 2011, 11:20 

What I like most about him is his sense about reality. He always found something beautiful in the most ugliest things and he always thought that you need to show the people how life really is. That's what he did! Sometimes in a cruel, but fantastic way. That's what fascinates me totally. You know when you think: Uhhh, this looks really, really nasty, but somehow you have to see what's going on in that picture. And than, it's just life which was cruel during his time, of course.
He painted a lot during the first and second world war. Showed the cruelties, wounded people or life with all its sceneries in Berlin...but the Nazi's declared his work as "degenerated art" and so he stepped back, went to the country, although he loved the city life and started to paint landscapes mostly. Sounds boring and unfortuntely the picture are not half as good as the "real" ones, I think - but still well worth seeing.

I saw two of his picture in the MoMa in New York City what made me somehow proud that I have the same last name...sounds stupid! Is stupid somehow! Anyway ;-).

And of course, there's an exhibition in Gera which is fantastic. If you ever have the chance...go there. And since the chance are small that you'll ever be in Gera ;-) try the MoMa in NYC or the Musée des Beaux Arts in Montreal. I've never been there, but heard it's brilliant too. Here is an overview where to find his paintings in museums. 

I had to experience everything very precisely...
I am such a realist, you know, that I have to see everything with my own eyes. (1963)

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