Fashion icon meets Music icon

Last week I already saw a few minutes from this meeting of the giants! Lada Gaga meets Gaultier!

Now SIXX is showing the whole interview which lasted more than one hour. Jean Paul Gaultier will welcome Lady Gaga in his Parisian company headquarter. He designed a little room just for this interview with one of the biggest fashion AND music icons of the world. They meet never before! The more it surprises how honestly they talk about the Lady's past. The highlight is definitely, that Gaultier shows Lady Gaga his studio! Only a very few people are allowed to see it. And you'll see her speechless for at least some seconds...because of a Gaultier design, of course!

pics via Sixx

This is a very lovely interview, as far as I've seen it. And I'm really curious about the whole interview this evening. If you wanna take a look before:


K. ;-)

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  1. I guess Gaga can collaborate and inspire every designer!she's amazing!