My week with Marilyn...or Michelle?!

Few weeks ago I saw the trailer for Michelle William's new movie "My week with Marilyn" and I can't wait till it will be in the theatres in Germany.

As you already know, I'm a big fan of Michelle Williams and I totally think that she'll be the perfect to play Marilyn Monroe...and she already showed in October Vogue US how Marilyn-like she can be. To be honest, I think, Michelle doesn't only appear outwardly like her. It seems that she has also the elegance, the vulnerability and the sensitivity of a Marilyn Monroe - at least it seems like that! 

So, see for yourself!

Release date for US is November 23rd 2011. Other release dates can be seen here. Unfortunately, it's not announced yet when it will be in German theatres ;-(. Hopefully soon!


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