I'm NOT a f**king princess

Appropriate to all the discussions about a models age, the staging of childrens bodies on pics and the forbidden ad from Dakota Fanning for Marc Jacobs (as reported on Fashionista e.g.), the movie "I'm NOT a f**king princess" was released some weeks ago. Some of you may have seen it already.

I havn't so far, but saw a tv report during the weekend about directress Eva Ionesco and the her story.

I'm NOT a f**king princess is about a mother-daughter-relationship and the staging of young girls as woman (or worse: as object of lust). Eva Ionesco shows how her own mother, who lived with her in Paris, used her as "muse" for her photographs which was fun for Eva at first, but soon became a nightmare for the little girl. Her mother forced her to dress and pose more revealingly until little Eva (Violetta in the movie) starts to rebel against her mother. Trying to create a better life for daughter and herself, photographer Hannah (Irina Ionesco in origin) uses her instead for more wealth and popularity without the thoughtfulness of Violettas feeling and life.

I guess, this movie won't start many discussions. Quite different from the current ads from Dakota Fanning, Hailey Steinfeld and tbc....I mean, don't get me wrong...I totally agree that children shouldn't be staged like women in sexy poses, too short skirts...blablabla...but where's the limit?! When is it ok and when too much?

Why is Marc Jacobs' ad banned and why are pictures from Lottie Moss (from Fashionista) or Hailey Steinfeld not?! What is age appropriate? Lottie Moss looks much older than 13 on the pictures and beautiful. And to be honest, I didn't think that the Dakota Fanning ad was kind of wrong before it was forbidden in UK. Honestly....I mean, she wears a dress and you don't see too much...! But anyway, clearly, this is to protect children and therefore a good sign. Let's hope that the movie and the ban of the Marc Jacobs ad will support that photographers and designers deliberate before doing the next campaign.  



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  2. i went to a big fashion show a couple of months ago and there were also children running the catwalk.. i was shocked. they weren't smiling, dressed up like freaks: the whole picture was really disturbing. i think bringing kids into this so early really take saway their childhood. but like you said, the borders are thin and "what's too much" is always in the eye of the beholder //dariadaria