Quite a while ago I read something about VERAMEAT on Refinery29. Never heard about it before, unfortunately! I already browsed the online store weeks ago and found wonderful pieces. And for everyone who doesn't know VERAMEAT yet....it's really really worth it...give it a try here.

VERAMEAT is actually Vera Balyura who was born in Ukraine and seems to have a crush on vampires and dinosaurs ;-). It's something new and fresh, because her creations are so individual. If you're looking for something different, unique and handmade you should definitely stop by in the flagship store in NYC, one of the other shops in the US selling her lovely little sculptures or even buy it in Europe (Denmark, Switzerland and Spain). Lucky us who don't have a store nearby....go online.

If I had to choose I would go for these cute rings:

pics via VERAMEAT

Of course, there are necklaces and bracelets too to tell your own fairytale...probably not of vampires and dinosaurs ;-).

Have fun.

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