Listen Ladies...

Not new and for sure well-known already are the 3 ladies whose music is in continuous loop in my car and on my iPhone these days.

Rebecca Ferguson

via Rebecca Ferguson

Incidentally, I saw a video from this gorgeous young lady on TV. It's Rebecca Ferguson. The mum of two kids became 2nd in british X-Factor. Her song "Nothing's real but love" was asap an ear worm for me. And so is the whole album. I just love it. My favorite song is "Teach me how to be loved". But also songs like "Glitter and Gold" or "Mr. Bright Eyes" are really great and they will be in your head all day long. Her voice is just amazing! And to come along on top, I think she is just beautiful.

Listen! What do you think?

Emeli Sandé
via Emeli Sandé

I found Emeli Sandé's album "Heaven" when I was downloading Rebecca Ferguson's album from iTunes ;-). Lucky me! The scotish RnB & soul singer made music all her life, but the breakthrough only came with her last album that is also called "Heaven". I think she has such a great voice and she looks pretty cool, though. I like her style a lot. Her voice remembers me a little of Leona Lewis who I really like, too!

"My kind of love"

Santi White a.k.a. Santigold
via MTV Style
Different, but not less fantastic as Rebecca and Emeli is Santi White - know as Santigold (previously Santogold). Her unique voice made me buying her album "Master of my Make Believe" immediately. Some of you may know the song from the current Vodafone TV spot.

Isn't this great?

So which lady you like more? Or is there another georgeous lady you like the most?


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  1. der erste song ist echt klasse und tolle bilder!
    Bei mir läuft übrigens gerade ein Gewinnspiel für einen 25€ H&M Gutschein