Bill Cunnigham New York

"I wasn't interested in making a bio-pic. Rather, I wanted to capture something more intangible - though no less powerful - which is the essence of him, that joy - his way of being. Bill has dedicated his life to documenting what is unique and individual and I wanted the movie not only to be a portrait of him and by extension New York, the city he loves, but a celebration of self expression and self invention."

Richard Press, Director Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham New York (DVD)

Who doesn't know him? I guess, we all have heard, read or even seen him! He was a streetstyle photographer even before we had an idea about blogs. Bill Cunningham is a New York Times photographer and fills his column "On the street" with all the amazing outfits and styles he discovers during his days on the road.

Anna Wintour said: "We all get dressed for Bill"! Watching the movie, this is obviously so true. All the pretty birds flying through NYC, waiting for Bill. Sure, I don't know if its really that way, but every time he shoots one of the gorgeous girls, he seems to make their day!

"Bill Cunningham New York" gives an interesting view in his work and let you see New York and its ladies through his eyes. What makes it even more amazing. The NYC pictures, the interesting facts and details of fashion history given by him and other great New Yorkers highlight the movie, too. Knowing nearly nothing of his private life before, I got even a little glimpse of his very personal life. I love this documentation and it's surely one of the movie you can watch over and over again. This movie makes Bill Cunningham still more to one of the most impressive, exciting and cutest people I can think of.

Have you seen it already? Do you like it? Any other movies/ fashion documentations you recommend?


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