Magazine Watch: Qvest, Tush & Oblique

I'm a magazine junkie...I admit! I just can't pass any kiosk or book/ magzine store without buying any. I don't know how much money I already spent on magazine and really a lot of them I store under my bed....uhhhh!

So, here are three of my favorite mags during the last days....

Qvest #51, Tush #2/2012, Oblique #1
Qvest #51: Sommer issue
This is always a great magazine for inspiration. The mag always has amazing photo series and interesting protraits of models, photographers...just impressing people. The summer issue contains all of it, too. An interview with model and photographer Marianna Rother, the highlights of the summer collections and an interior special.

Tush #2/ 2012:
Armin Morbach's magazine is published four times a year since 2005 already. The mag always with impresses with trends and news when it comes to lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Issue #2/ 2012 is again full with unique photos series, cultural tips and exciting trends and news.

Oblique #1: 
This is the first issue of the new Berlin magazin for style questions. I found it by chance and it caught my eye just it has "BREAK-UPS" in big letters on the cover - not a very common theme for a first issue. But this is "Oblique". The authors look at break-ups from different point of views and guess what?! Break-ups don't need to be bad necessarily :-). jk! Oblique doesn't really captivates me, because of the photo series like other magazines, but I really like the way of writing and the somehow different way of dealing with themes. AND it comes in German & English in one mag.


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