Don't break away with old friends!

Honestly, I clear out my wardrobe only once a year...if ever ;-). But then I really throw away some stuff or sell it in Ebay or give it to charity. But during the last weeks, I told myself not to do that again. Never. Instead store everything in boxes whereever I'll find a little space. No really...Now I could change them a little and wear them again...

I gave away my old denim jacket months ago. Now I could cut the arm, have it a little tailored and wear a vest...

my old one...

pic via Zara

In the 90ies -uuuhhhh - I had a check shirt. YES, I HAD! Now I could put on some studs and have a similar shirt like the one from ZARA.

Pic via Zara

Way back in time, we used to wear string vests like the ones from Isabel Marant these days...I had a black one - sleeveless.
pic via
So, never listen when someone tells you you need to clear out your wardrobe or that it's good sometimes to break away with old friends! Don't!


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