Every cloud has a silver lining OR I need new pumps

I need new black classic pumps and Nelly.com is looking for a new blogger via a contest where you should write about Nelly shoes! One could think: what a lucky coincide....actually it is, but the reason I need new shoes is that my lovely Bully Jones had a fun day with my old pair. Good for him, very bad for me :-(.

It's not that the pair was really expensive, I just loved them...

Anyway, no time to be sentimental...I need new shoes. And where else to shop for new shoes?! NELLY! Exactly! Whatever you are looking for you'll find it @nelly.com! Much to the disgust of my credit card, because you'll find a lot more then you actually wanted...;-)

So, of course I found some favorites quickly. All black, all pumps, but different heels, different material and different details....it's the agony of choice now. Go for classic, chic or a little metal or better snake print?!

all pics via Nelly

From left corner clock-wise:
  1. Juena, 31,95€
  2. Jehan, 43,95€
  3. Ladonya, 60,95€
  4. Chadice, 65,95€
  5. Olivia, 67,95€
Dear Katharina which one should be your sweetness? ;-) # 1: the classic pump, #2: the one with the just a little heels, #3: the cute one with the ankle strap, #4: the rocking one with metal details or #5: the fancy snake print pump? It's up to you now!

Well, I think....I'll go with #5 (the snake)! But I'll order #3 and #4, too ;-). Order all and then decide which one to keep. Making a decision when it comes to shoes is not one of strenght ;-). Ok, there's worse, I guess!

pic via Nelly

What's your favorite black heel?


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