Don't break away with old friends!

Honestly, I clear out my wardrobe only once a year...if ever ;-). But then I really throw away some stuff or sell it in Ebay or give it to charity. But during the last weeks, I told myself not to do that again. Never. Instead store everything in boxes whereever I'll find a little space. No really...Now I could change them a little and wear them again...

I gave away my old denim jacket months ago. Now I could cut the arm, have it a little tailored and wear a vest...

my old one...

pic via Zara

In the 90ies -uuuhhhh - I had a check shirt. YES, I HAD! Now I could put on some studs and have a similar shirt like the one from ZARA.

Pic via Zara

Way back in time, we used to wear string vests like the ones from Isabel Marant these days...I had a black one - sleeveless.
pic via
So, never listen when someone tells you you need to clear out your wardrobe or that it's good sometimes to break away with old friends! Don't!



Rien ne va plus...today!

I don't know what this is...but I just can't get anything straight today. My granny would say: That's the weather, girl! ;-) Maybe! Maybe I just need some days off! pls.

pics from vacation two years ago already...West Coast Trip

I need to see a blue sky, sun, no clouds or rain anymore. I want to wear summer clothes, no rain coats. I want to go to lakes and swim and just be outside and chillin'. Enjoying breakfast outside...I just want to do summer stuff!!! I guess, I suffer from "this is no summer mélancolie".

Hope it will be better tomorrow!


Magazine Watch: Qvest, Tush & Oblique

I'm a magazine junkie...I admit! I just can't pass any kiosk or book/ magzine store without buying any. I don't know how much money I already spent on magazine and really a lot of them I store under my bed....uhhhh!

So, here are three of my favorite mags during the last days....

Qvest #51, Tush #2/2012, Oblique #1
Qvest #51: Sommer issue
This is always a great magazine for inspiration. The mag always has amazing photo series and interesting protraits of models, photographers...just impressing people. The summer issue contains all of it, too. An interview with model and photographer Marianna Rother, the highlights of the summer collections and an interior special.

Tush #2/ 2012:
Armin Morbach's magazine is published four times a year since 2005 already. The mag always with impresses with trends and news when it comes to lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Issue #2/ 2012 is again full with unique photos series, cultural tips and exciting trends and news.

Oblique #1: 
This is the first issue of the new Berlin magazin for style questions. I found it by chance and it caught my eye just it has "BREAK-UPS" in big letters on the cover - not a very common theme for a first issue. But this is "Oblique". The authors look at break-ups from different point of views and guess what?! Break-ups don't need to be bad necessarily :-). jk! Oblique doesn't really captivates me, because of the photo series like other magazines, but I really like the way of writing and the somehow different way of dealing with themes. AND it comes in German & English in one mag.



Every cloud has a silver lining OR I need new pumps

I need new black classic pumps and Nelly.com is looking for a new blogger via a contest where you should write about Nelly shoes! One could think: what a lucky coincide....actually it is, but the reason I need new shoes is that my lovely Bully Jones had a fun day with my old pair. Good for him, very bad for me :-(.

It's not that the pair was really expensive, I just loved them...

Anyway, no time to be sentimental...I need new shoes. And where else to shop for new shoes?! NELLY! Exactly! Whatever you are looking for you'll find it @nelly.com! Much to the disgust of my credit card, because you'll find a lot more then you actually wanted...;-)

So, of course I found some favorites quickly. All black, all pumps, but different heels, different material and different details....it's the agony of choice now. Go for classic, chic or a little metal or better snake print?!

all pics via Nelly

From left corner clock-wise:
  1. Juena, 31,95€
  2. Jehan, 43,95€
  3. Ladonya, 60,95€
  4. Chadice, 65,95€
  5. Olivia, 67,95€
Dear Katharina which one should be your sweetness? ;-) # 1: the classic pump, #2: the one with the just a little heels, #3: the cute one with the ankle strap, #4: the rocking one with metal details or #5: the fancy snake print pump? It's up to you now!

Well, I think....I'll go with #5 (the snake)! But I'll order #3 and #4, too ;-). Order all and then decide which one to keep. Making a decision when it comes to shoes is not one of strenght ;-). Ok, there's worse, I guess!

pic via Nelly

What's your favorite black heel?


Coco Rocha for Banana Republic

Banana Republic cooperated with designer Trina Turk. The campaigns face is no one else then Coco Rocha.

Honestly, I havn't heard from Trina Turk before, but she is well-known in the US since years. The California designer is famous for her colorful and effortless collections and so is the one she designed in collaboration with Banana Republic. Sunny and colorful clothing and jewellery that look chic and clean. Typical effortless California style, in my opinion.

Just have a look:

pics from Banana Republic

Time for summer! What do you think? You like it?



New BF - loafers and flats

Dealing with back problems for some weeks and the advice of my orthopedist to switch from heels to flats more often, gave me a good reason to buy new shoes ;-). Well, every cloud has a silver lining, right?!

Honestly, I really had only two or three flats and a pair of Converse. That's it! After browsing some of my favorite shops I found some really nice and cute flats.

Of course, I found a pair of pretty heels too! See in one of the next posts...

Do you prefer flats or heels?!



Bill Cunnigham New York

"I wasn't interested in making a bio-pic. Rather, I wanted to capture something more intangible - though no less powerful - which is the essence of him, that joy - his way of being. Bill has dedicated his life to documenting what is unique and individual and I wanted the movie not only to be a portrait of him and by extension New York, the city he loves, but a celebration of self expression and self invention."

Richard Press, Director Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham New York (DVD)

Who doesn't know him? I guess, we all have heard, read or even seen him! He was a streetstyle photographer even before we had an idea about blogs. Bill Cunningham is a New York Times photographer and fills his column "On the street" with all the amazing outfits and styles he discovers during his days on the road.

Anna Wintour said: "We all get dressed for Bill"! Watching the movie, this is obviously so true. All the pretty birds flying through NYC, waiting for Bill. Sure, I don't know if its really that way, but every time he shoots one of the gorgeous girls, he seems to make their day!

"Bill Cunningham New York" gives an interesting view in his work and let you see New York and its ladies through his eyes. What makes it even more amazing. The NYC pictures, the interesting facts and details of fashion history given by him and other great New Yorkers highlight the movie, too. Knowing nearly nothing of his private life before, I got even a little glimpse of his very personal life. I love this documentation and it's surely one of the movie you can watch over and over again. This movie makes Bill Cunningham still more to one of the most impressive, exciting and cutest people I can think of.

Have you seen it already? Do you like it? Any other movies/ fashion documentations you recommend?




I always loved the bags and purses from LIEBESKIND BERLIN. But honestly, I'm not always nice to my bags and I always hesitated to spend a lot of money on bags and purses.

You can imagine how happy I was when I got a bag AND a purse for my birthday some weeks ago. For the first time, I had no idea what my presents could be and the more I was surprised when i open the cute boxes. I was so excited and still am ;-). I wear them all day every day now!




Time again for the GLOSSYBOX in May. After being a little disappointed in the last months the May box is totally my taste again. So maybe the now 15 € monthly are worth it ;-).

This month surprises are:
  • Biotherm Eau Oceane Set - which I really like, it smells so fresh. 
  • Jane Iredale Lip Plumper Tokyo - I'm really not a lipstick girl. Actually, I never use it. But this little thing is great. I love the light color and the fresh peppermint sparkling feeling it leaves on your lips. Great. 
  • L'Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream Blemish Balm - havn't tried yet. 
  • Sexy Hair healthysexyhair Soy Touchable - so cute for the purse and it feels great on the hair, doesn't stick the hair to just one big wig. 
  • Shiseido Benefiance Enriched Balancing Softener - havn't tried yet, but couldn't be bad I guess. 
  • The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter - I love the hair butter. It softens asap and it smells delicious.



Quite a while ago I read something about VERAMEAT on Refinery29. Never heard about it before, unfortunately! I already browsed the online store weeks ago and found wonderful pieces. And for everyone who doesn't know VERAMEAT yet....it's really really worth it...give it a try here.

VERAMEAT is actually Vera Balyura who was born in Ukraine and seems to have a crush on vampires and dinosaurs ;-). It's something new and fresh, because her creations are so individual. If you're looking for something different, unique and handmade you should definitely stop by in the flagship store in NYC, one of the other shops in the US selling her lovely little sculptures or even buy it in Europe (Denmark, Switzerland and Spain). Lucky us who don't have a store nearby....go online.

If I had to choose I would go for these cute rings:

pics via VERAMEAT

Of course, there are necklaces and bracelets too to tell your own fairytale...probably not of vampires and dinosaurs ;-).

Have fun.