OOTD/ Outfit and work-intensive week

I'm still alive :-). I'm very sorry for writing so less during the last weeks. That wasn't the plan, but I had to prioritize some other stuff lately. Hope you are not angry with me?! Actually, I wanted to post last week, but the work was a lot more intensive then I thought and my eyes closed as soon as I put my feet up in the evening. 

We spent some days in Berlin and built a new pond! Yes, a real pond with fish and a course of a stream and all bells and whistles. What a week, but it was worth it. It's really beautiful now and we even had the chance to enjoy our Sunday morning breakfast right next to the pond. 

Isn't this beautiful? 4 days full of work, totally worth it...

a new resident of the pond...

Jonesy just enjoyed the sun....

So, you can imagine how my outfits during the last days looked like...old jeans or sweatpants and shirt, barefoot and that's it. No photos necessary :-). 

We just took a quick shot on Sunday before we left...again a very comfy, easy and nothin' fancy outfit.  

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

It was Sunday morning...pls don't judge me :-)
Shirt - Only, Jeans - Zara, Loafer - Asos

So, I guess the next few weeks will be more quiet and I'll post more again. 
Have a wonderful week all. 



  1. The pond is just gorgeous! :) xo


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