Fashion movies by Karl Lagerfeld "Once upon a time" with Keira Knightley

That Karl Lagerfeld is a master of mise-en-scéne is well-known for all of us. Not least, because of his lavish staged shows in Paris each year which often appear like a dramatic plays and are more then just a fashion show. 

By this time, I always wait for his new muse to be named and surprisingly he choose Keira Knightley. (I don't know if this is really surprising?! Maybe not, but I didn't had Keira on the radar since I'm not her biggest fan...til now.) 
She plays Coco Chanel in the new short movie "Once upon a time" that screens the opening of Gabrielle's first store in France in 1913. 

See the movie on YouTube or on Chanel.

This is one of the most loveliest movies I have ever seen. It's gorgeous. Keira Knightley looks brilliant as Coco and I think, all other actresses/ models are perfect! Stella Tennent is just great and I adore Lindsey Wixson's dress. Doesn't she look amazing?! 

Well, Karl at it's best or what do you think? Do you like it? 

Have a wonderful day. 

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