Mirror, mirror...in my face

Yeah, I know...I'm a bit late with the mirrored sunglasses. But hey, since it's only raining, there was no necessity to buy new sunglasses, right?! And to be honest, I wasn't so sure which one to take. Actually, I really like the one from Le Specs, but I wasn't sure if I really wanted to spend the money on "trend" glasses.

pic via Zalando

So, I decided to save some more money to buy a classic RayBan later and just buy the cheaper mirrored glasses.

I found sunglasses at Gina Tricot and bought two since I couldn't decide what color and they were only 5,95€ each.

What do you think? You like them?

Are you buying less expensive "trend" pieces or do you think I should have spend more money on only one piece?

Have a great weekend and hopefully you can wear your sunglasses. I highly doubt this for me :-(. Have fun!

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  1. love the sunglasses!!

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