New in....

...a black fake fur vest from Romwe.

Fake Fur Vest from Romwe

After weeks on the run for the right fake fur gilet I finally found one and got it today...right in time before the holidays.
I don't know why it took me so long to find a vest that fits, but most of the ones I saw where simply too expensive, too short or the wrong color! I found this one quite a while ago, but honestly I wasn't so sure at first and thought I would find another one. After some weeks more without a result, I thought....wtf...you can send it back if it won't fit.

But I decided to keep it, because it has the perfect lenght, you can close it with little hooks and it's black...I'm sure I won't found a better one for this price (it was just $ 42.99).

Like it?

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