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Some weeks ago I felt terrible...somehow puffy and lazy and I just didn't felt good. And I read something about Detoxing and thought that maybe something like this would help to feel better. Perfect combination to order something you probably don't need and won't use ;-). Wouldn't be the first time, right?!

I read through the pages on detox delight, but what sounded really good, delicious and seemed to work....is just too much for my bank account! Paying so much money for just some pounds....?! NO, it's not that bad. Not yet!
So, I continued reading....detox cook book from Amazon....a lot cheaper for 20,00€, but do I wanna cook every day?! I'm not a cooking girl...really not and once a week would be ok, but not every day! So, let's go on....
Kusmi Tea Detox!!! That's it! Not too expensive, easy to handle everywhere and hopefully, I will feel better without enormous effort. Well, childish to believe that loosing pounds by just trinking tea would help, right?! But since my goal is not loosing weight, but too feel better and not puffy anymore...maybe this could help. ORDERED! RECEIVED!

pics via KUSMI TEA

Detox tea is Mate and Green tea, with lemon and lemon grass. Well, it's ok, but I wouldn't call it tasty!
I trink the tea for two weeks now. At least 3 cups every day! I don't know if this is ok or too less....?! Well, so far...I havn't lost weight, of course, but I feel better now! I don't know if this is really because of the tea,....but somehow I feel more lean, lighter...you know!?

Have you tried it yet? Or any other suggestions to feel better? (No sports pls. ;-))!

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