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I couldn't resist on Dorothy Perkins Sale last week ;-( AGAIN! 20% off and since I was looking for something to wear on Christmas Eve at my boyfriends parents....perfect chance! ( It's good to always have an excuse for buying...especially when it's Sale ;-)).

So, I wanted to see if I could find a LBD - just a very simple one I can combine with knits like cardigans, jumpers or a blouse later for the office, like this one:

LBD from Dorothy Perkins

I think, you can never have enough cardigans since you can combine them to everything and make a Jeans and Shirt outfit perfect with it! So...went on clicking through the cardigans I found these beauties:

Cardigans from Dorothy Perkins

Aren't they cute? I'm so excited!

But not enough....I though I could need a blouse which is a bit longer...to combine with my leather pants since I don't like waering shorter shirts or jackets to this pant, but I don't want to wear always the same....so why not using 20% off this time!? Of course I found one...to be honest two...same blouse, different colour and why choose when you could definitely need more colour in your closet!

Blouses from Dorothy Perkins

Last but not least....at the moment I have a crush on golden necklaces although I prefer silver jewellery....queer! But I don't mind....I ordered a new one too! ;-)

Golden necklace from Dorothy Perkins

Buying so many new stuff during the last weeks will motivate me hopefully to post some outfits photos finally?!


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