Fashion Whisper and the giveaway

As I already wrote yesterday...I love reading other blogs and normally this is the first thing I do in the morning. And a little post about a giveaway from one of my favorite blogs made me think: Why not write about other blogs, too!? So, I decided to have some kind of "Blog Portraits" from time to time!

And today I start with Fashion Whisper! It's Olive from Germany and he writes about fashion, posts his outfits and tells the world what he's doing and thinking! And he does this in a very lovely way, I think. He always spots something no one else regonized before and sometimes it's only little things, but I really feel inspired how he pictures (and his pics are really cool) and writes about his life and passions. (And btw. his outfits are pretty cool too.)

pic from http://www.fashionwhisper.com/p/categories.html

Besides, the post that took my notice this morning was about a GIVEAWAY from Fashion Whisper. You can win the JEFFREY CAMBELL LITAS!!! Awesome. Here you can find the giveaway post and at that time you can also read about Olive's life! Lovely!

Thanks to FASHION WHISPER for that great giveway!


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