The dress code issue

While reading through all the fashion and style blogs to find little investments for AW 2011 I recognized that most stylings, dresses and outfits are simply not for BUSINESS!

Since I work as a Business Consultant (and unfortunately not in fashion nor a Marketing or PR company) I can't wear everything what's trend in the office. I can wear a lot of these outfits in my companys office, because it's more casual there, but due to the German "book of etiquette" regarding business dress code I'm a partially restricted in my choice. No shorts, no mini skirts or dresses, no neon colours or big bracelets and so on...! I really like blogs like www.9to5chic.com or thewindow.barneys.com, but also Anh from 9to5chic who works as a Marketing Manager can wear clothes which are simply too casual for my industry, sadly. And Barneys...too expensive for a little consultant.

So the little books says:
  • Do's
    • Ladies suit & pants suit
      (fine) pantyhose
      Discreet Make-upClosed shoes
      Well-cared nails
  • Don'ts
    • Transparent blouses
      Mini skirts and dresses
      Low-cut neckline
      Heavy perfume
      Armpit hair (and legs too)
Some of the points are a MUST anyway, but especially when it comes to the clothing I'm bored from time to time, because I can't wear all those beautiful dresses, skirts, transparent blouses, peeptoes, sandals, amazing accessories, leather pants, lace shirts etc....all day long. I have two wardrobes in a way. What is not a Armageddon :-), but sometimes I wish I could wear whatever I want and do not have to iron blouses each morning and dress always in the same way.

Due to this, I decided to focus more on BUSINESS CLOTHING within this blog. Of course, I will also report about all other stuff I'm interested in, but I will try to find cool, chic outfits that don't bore me each morning, but also fit in my consultant life. And what's also really important for me - since I don't make a fortune - I want to find clothing, shoes and pretty little things that are affordable!

I also read an article some time ago written by Claire from c'est clairette which inspired me and made me say: Exactly! That's what we need.

pics via http://sz-magazin.sueddeutsche.de/texte/anzeigen/35847
So, let's see if I can reform my business wardrobe :-)

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