Awaiting order...

I couldn't resist on Dorothy Perkins Sale last week ;-( AGAIN! 20% off and since I was looking for something to wear on Christmas Eve at my boyfriends parents....perfect chance! ( It's good to always have an excuse for buying...especially when it's Sale ;-)).

So, I wanted to see if I could find a LBD - just a very simple one I can combine with knits like cardigans, jumpers or a blouse later for the office, like this one:

LBD from Dorothy Perkins

I think, you can never have enough cardigans since you can combine them to everything and make a Jeans and Shirt outfit perfect with it! So...went on clicking through the cardigans I found these beauties:

Cardigans from Dorothy Perkins

Aren't they cute? I'm so excited!

But not enough....I though I could need a blouse which is a bit longer...to combine with my leather pants since I don't like waering shorter shirts or jackets to this pant, but I don't want to wear always the same....so why not using 20% off this time!? Of course I found one...to be honest two...same blouse, different colour and why choose when you could definitely need more colour in your closet!

Blouses from Dorothy Perkins

Last but not least....at the moment I have a crush on golden necklaces although I prefer silver jewellery....queer! But I don't mind....I ordered a new one too! ;-)

Golden necklace from Dorothy Perkins

Buying so many new stuff during the last weeks will motivate me hopefully to post some outfits photos finally?!



It Doesn't Matter If it's Black Or White....

Sometimes it matters and the best decision is "Black & White"!

Always in the mood for new shoes...;-), I recognized that I mostly buy black shoes. I have some brown ones too, a purple pair, blue heels, ballerinas in light blue, dark red and leo and some shoes in grey shades...but I wouldn't call my shoe rack colored! Time for a change!!!

So, I ogled at a pair of black and white Brogues from H&M.
pic via H&M
Then I thought flats maybe wouldn't be that good, because I think you cannot combine them to everthing, but that "Black & White" thing got me. Continuing my "Black & White" run, I found my new love! At Dorothy Perkins...whereelse?! I always find someting there....doesn't matter if it's black or white ;-).

Aren't they lovely?! And they are really comfortable, because the heel is just 8 cm high and it's not too slim. I love them. They look great with jeans or black straight pants, but really cute with a skirt or dress....everything goes with them!

Have a great day!


New in....

...a black fake fur vest from Romwe.

Fake Fur Vest from Romwe

After weeks on the run for the right fake fur gilet I finally found one and got it today...right in time before the holidays.
I don't know why it took me so long to find a vest that fits, but most of the ones I saw where simply too expensive, too short or the wrong color! I found this one quite a while ago, but honestly I wasn't so sure at first and thought I would find another one. After some weeks more without a result, I thought....wtf...you can send it back if it won't fit.

But I decided to keep it, because it has the perfect lenght, you can close it with little hooks and it's black...I'm sure I won't found a better one for this price (it was just $ 42.99).

Like it?


Christmas Glossybox....

...in really festive red!

Last Glossybox for this year...
Again it fits perfectly to my needs and I already packed the little things in my purse. Who doesn't need those things on the way?!

  • Creme 21 - Body Milk
  • LAVOLTA - Shéa Naturecream Soft
  • L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets professional - Duo Lipgloss, which is perfect since I don't like and use lipsticks
  • L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets professional - Make-up Stick...perfect compagnion for my purse since I use fluid make-up and don't like to carry the sponge with me
  • ZOEVA - Mineral Sheer Blush in Soft Romance which makes you look fresher instantly - I like ;-)
Perfect little compagnions for my Christmas travelling!


Feel good...Kusmi Detox Tea

Some weeks ago I felt terrible...somehow puffy and lazy and I just didn't felt good. And I read something about Detoxing and thought that maybe something like this would help to feel better. Perfect combination to order something you probably don't need and won't use ;-). Wouldn't be the first time, right?!

I read through the pages on detox delight, but what sounded really good, delicious and seemed to work....is just too much for my bank account! Paying so much money for just some pounds....?! NO, it's not that bad. Not yet!
So, I continued reading....detox cook book from Amazon....a lot cheaper for 20,00€, but do I wanna cook every day?! I'm not a cooking girl...really not and once a week would be ok, but not every day! So, let's go on....
Kusmi Tea Detox!!! That's it! Not too expensive, easy to handle everywhere and hopefully, I will feel better without enormous effort. Well, childish to believe that loosing pounds by just trinking tea would help, right?! But since my goal is not loosing weight, but too feel better and not puffy anymore...maybe this could help. ORDERED! RECEIVED!

pics via KUSMI TEA

Detox tea is Mate and Green tea, with lemon and lemon grass. Well, it's ok, but I wouldn't call it tasty!
I trink the tea for two weeks now. At least 3 cups every day! I don't know if this is ok or too less....?! Well, so far...I havn't lost weight, of course, but I feel better now! I don't know if this is really because of the tea,....but somehow I feel more lean, lighter...you know!?

Have you tried it yet? Or any other suggestions to feel better? (No sports pls. ;-))!

What to wear at the office Xmas party?

During the last four years, we had Christmas Parties at the company with a dress code: evening dress! What I really loved since I could buy a new dress and style up etc....what's not very often during the year. But this time we celebrated on a boat going along the river Rhine and dress code was: Casual ;-(.

Surprisingly, a lot of my colleagues havn't took that casual to serious and were dressed up anyway. Great!
I was thinking the week before what to wear, because "casual" is for me: Jeans and Shirt and I definitely wouldn't go to a Christmas party in jeans and shirt. Never! So I thought, maybe a simple black dress, maybe a dark blue skirt and black silk blouse, leather pant and white long silk shirt?!

The last minute, I decided to go with a white blouse, red shorts, black tights and black wedge booties!

What do you think? Too casual or does it fit? The boots look a bit too casual for this outfit on the pics, right?! But they are not as clumsy as they look on the pic!


First Glossybox Style

Two weeks gone and no post....shame on me! But it's the same thing every year before before Christmas, bosses are thinking that work is the only thing you got to do and everything needs to be finished before the year ends. Although I'm sure that the tasks would be there after New Years Eve, too!

Anyway, today I found some time to write something and show you my first Glossybox Style. Fortunately, I ordered when they had "Order one get two"! Lucky me. So, I ordered a black bag, because I was looking for a simple, every day bag for some weeks already....and got on top new shoes...could there be more to let my heart smile ;-)?! And all for inexpressible 39,90 €...;-)