Not just boring business dresses...

Most of my time I fritter away for searching a suitable outfit in the morning. It makes no sense for me to already pick one out the evening before, because I know I wouldn't like to wear it the next day. I just need to decide right on time and see how I feel.

Moreover, I hate ironing! That’s why I don’t like wearing blouses every day to work. But I can’t wear a simple shirt when I have meetings during the day. So, I need an alternative.

Dresses are always easy to pick and easy to wear. They can be easily dressed down or up and you can wear them during the whole year. Perfect for a "lazy morning person" like me :-).

So, I decided to pick out some new dresses for me instead of a suit again. Above all, because it's sale everywhere currently :-). And I found really really nice dresses for the office and they are not just black and grey and not boring at all. 

Dresses with sleeves:

all pics via the online stores

  1. Zara 69,95 €
  2. Stine Goya 127,40 € (sale)
  3. French Connection 48 GBP (sale)
  4. Blacky Dress 90,90 € (sale)
  5. Hugo Boss 399 €

Dresses with short sleeves:

all pics via the online stores

  1. French Connection 60 GBP
  2. 30 Cancan 149 € (sale)
  3. Stine Goya 87 € (sale)
  4. French Connection 130 GBP

Sleeveless dresses: 

all pics via the online stores

  1. Zara 27,99 €
  2. Vero Moda 39,95 €
  3. French Connection 90 GBP (sale)
  4. Erdem via Lyst 478,38 € (sale)
  5. Schumacher 195 € (sale)

Which one is your favorite? Any other suggestions from your side?

Have a great evening.


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