New in/ Platform sandals from Topshop

It was really quiet here, right?! I'm sorry, but since I started my new job I'm really busy and moreover, it's finally summer here and to be honest, I'd love to just enjoy the sun in the evenings and took a little summer break :-). But now, I'm preparing some new posts...

...starting with my new platform sandals from Topshop. I recognized that I don't have sandals anymore. Guess, that's because I don't wear "open" shoes to the office and since I spend the most there, I didn't really need sandals. But the great weather here and sale everywhere led me to Topshop and I found these platform sandals that weren't even on sale :-). 

Actually, I'm not the biggest fan of platforms, as you may know, but aren't these cute? They don't look so clumsy on the feet, I think and I have to admit...really comfy, of course. Sadly, it's nothing for the office, but I will wear them a lot during summer. 

Topshop platform sandals (pic via Topshop)

Have a great Sunday!


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