In love with/ Claire Danes & the Burberry Prorsum trench

I'm sure you have already seen the current Vogue cover for August, right? I'm always a little late, because the monthly issue is always a little late here in Germany. But lucky me, I had a look on my iPad Vogue this morning and saw the new issue and this beautiful cover. 

Claire Danes looks amazing! As an old fan of Claire Danes (I loved her in My so called life) I'm really happy to see her again. Of course, she wasn't really gone, but honestly...I wasn't a big fan of her last movies. But she is back with Homeland which is one of my favorite series, at all. 

Besides Claire who looks gorgeous on the cover, I suddenly recognized this stunning trench coat she is wearing. Total wanna have piece! 

Cover via Vogue

Of course, there's no trench coat on the Vogue cover I could afford :-). It's Burberry Prorsum!!! No need to mention the price, right?! But still, it looks so amazing!

Trenchcoat from Burberry Prorsum (pic via online store)

Have a great day.


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