In love with/ Claire Danes & the Burberry Prorsum trench

I'm sure you have already seen the current Vogue cover for August, right? I'm always a little late, because the monthly issue is always a little late here in Germany. But lucky me, I had a look on my iPad Vogue this morning and saw the new issue and this beautiful cover. 

Claire Danes looks amazing! As an old fan of Claire Danes (I loved her in My so called life) I'm really happy to see her again. Of course, she wasn't really gone, but honestly...I wasn't a big fan of her last movies. But she is back with Homeland which is one of my favorite series, at all. 

Besides Claire who looks gorgeous on the cover, I suddenly recognized this stunning trench coat she is wearing. Total wanna have piece! 

Cover via Vogue

Of course, there's no trench coat on the Vogue cover I could afford :-). It's Burberry Prorsum!!! No need to mention the price, right?! But still, it looks so amazing!

Trenchcoat from Burberry Prorsum (pic via online store)

Have a great day.



Romwe End of July Sale—Up to 70% off on 900+ items

It's sale again or still?!

Go, hurry and stop by @Romwe and secure you the best sale pieces to brighten up your summer wardrobe with the End of July Sale—Up to 70% off on 900+ Romwe items!
From July 30th to Aug.5th. Go to find your right one!

Romwe--Latest High Street Fashion Online
End of July Sale—Up to 70% off on 900+ Romwe items!

Maybe you still need a swimsuit or a little summer dress?! You'll find something, for sure.

Enjoy and have a great summer evening.


Summer hues from Essie

Currently, my favorite summer hues are from Essie, as always :-). The latest collection is amazing. I would buy all colors.

But I decided for Sunday Funday and Marshmellow (which is a random color). I think these colors look so brilliant when you have a nice tan.

What are you favorite summer nail colors?

Have a great and sunny week!


New in/ Platform sandals from Topshop

It was really quiet here, right?! I'm sorry, but since I started my new job I'm really busy and moreover, it's finally summer here and to be honest, I'd love to just enjoy the sun in the evenings and took a little summer break :-). But now, I'm preparing some new posts...

...starting with my new platform sandals from Topshop. I recognized that I don't have sandals anymore. Guess, that's because I don't wear "open" shoes to the office and since I spend the most there, I didn't really need sandals. But the great weather here and sale everywhere led me to Topshop and I found these platform sandals that weren't even on sale :-). 

Actually, I'm not the biggest fan of platforms, as you may know, but aren't these cute? They don't look so clumsy on the feet, I think and I have to admit...really comfy, of course. Sadly, it's nothing for the office, but I will wear them a lot during summer. 

Topshop platform sandals (pic via Topshop)

Have a great Sunday!



Not just boring business dresses...

Most of my time I fritter away for searching a suitable outfit in the morning. It makes no sense for me to already pick one out the evening before, because I know I wouldn't like to wear it the next day. I just need to decide right on time and see how I feel.

Moreover, I hate ironing! That’s why I don’t like wearing blouses every day to work. But I can’t wear a simple shirt when I have meetings during the day. So, I need an alternative.

Dresses are always easy to pick and easy to wear. They can be easily dressed down or up and you can wear them during the whole year. Perfect for a "lazy morning person" like me :-).

So, I decided to pick out some new dresses for me instead of a suit again. Above all, because it's sale everywhere currently :-). And I found really really nice dresses for the office and they are not just black and grey and not boring at all. 

Dresses with sleeves:

all pics via the online stores

  1. Zara 69,95 €
  2. Stine Goya 127,40 € (sale)
  3. French Connection 48 GBP (sale)
  4. Blacky Dress 90,90 € (sale)
  5. Hugo Boss 399 €

Dresses with short sleeves:

all pics via the online stores

  1. French Connection 60 GBP
  2. 30 Cancan 149 € (sale)
  3. Stine Goya 87 € (sale)
  4. French Connection 130 GBP

Sleeveless dresses: 

all pics via the online stores

  1. Zara 27,99 €
  2. Vero Moda 39,95 €
  3. French Connection 90 GBP (sale)
  4. Erdem via Lyst 478,38 € (sale)
  5. Schumacher 195 € (sale)

Which one is your favorite? Any other suggestions from your side?

Have a great evening.



PRESHOPP – The fashion search engine

For some weeks it was a well kept secret within bloggers and I’m sure some of you may have heard or even tested it already – PRESHOPP has launched.

Preshopp is a new fashion search engine that brings bloggers and readers together.

Sometimes online shopping can be a little exhausting, at least for me. If I look for something special, I always scour the same online shops and in the end, I never have an overview and don’t know what to buy and finally, I always end up with the same labels. If you know what I mean!?

Now, you can search @Preshopp when you look for something special and you’ll receive all uploaded blog posts according to your search as results. So, you’ll find more interesting and new shops and/ or great blogs, you maybe never would have found without Preshopp.

So, for bloggers this is a great chance to spread their posts to a wider audience and readers have a bigger choice of content, no matter what they’re looking for. Sounds great, right?!

I was one of the lucky bloggers and readers to test Preshopp before and I have to say that I really like the idea behind it – Give and Take!

So, visit the homepage http://private.preshopp.com/ and give it try! Let me know what you think and if you like it?!

Have a wonderful day.  




LALA Berlin/ Be a LALA girl

I already missed the LALA Berlin space cat sweaterL. And it looks like I will miss to be a LALA girl, too! There are only available in XS currently.

So, hurry all you small girls to get your own LALA girl shirt now!

BTW: It's sale on LALA Berlin, too! :-)




MBFW Berlin/ Schumacher live stream July4th

If you don’t belong to the lucky ones who can be @MBFW Berlin this week, here is a little silver lining J for you:

Attend the Schumacher S/S show on July 4th from 9:45 AM (EST) via live stream. You can already follow before the show starts – see the seating, who will be in the front row?!

Schumacher Live Stream

Just register here on Schumacher homepage and you’ll be part of the show, at least in your own showroom ;-).


I followed the last two shows from Schumacher online and I loved it. Don’t miss it!

For all other live streams from MBFW click here.

Have a great day.