Isabel Marant for H&M – do we like?

It’s out now! I guess, we all have asked ourselves who will be next to design for H&M. Yesterday, the press release made it official. It’s Isabel Marant!

She will design Must-have pieces for women and teenagers with the “Parisian touch” and for the first time she is going to design a men’s collection. The whole collection will be available on November 14th 2013 online and in 250 stores worldwide.

Isabel Marant & Margareta van den Bosch, source H&M

I already read the news yesterday and still I’m not sure what to think? Do I like it or not?

Well, Isabel Marant is one of the greatest designers, imo! No question! But I have always been little disappointed about previous collections from designers like Anna dello Russo, Marni, Lanvin, Karl Lagerfeld, Versace who designed for H&M. Not because I didn't like the pieces, but the quality wasn't really good. Yeah, I know…otherwise it wouldn't fit to the price. Nothing new and surprising, right?!  

On the one hand, I think it’s nice that designer pieces/ fashion in general are available for all and the other hand I think, do I really wanna have a piece of less quality only because Isabel Marant is on the label for H&M? Wouldn't it be better to safe a little more money and spend it for a “real” Isabel Marant piece and wear it year after year, because it has a way better quality?

I’m always torn when it comes to this topic. Actually, I think it is better to spend less money on trend pieces and spend a little more on classic Must-haves. But even when you buy only a few cheaper pieces, you support all the “non-sustainability-drama” of the industry. Of course, I don’t want to, but without all these cute trend pieces it’s only half the fun.

So, what are we doing? I haven’t found the right solution for me and by writing this, I feel bad about it, because it should be only one solution, or?!



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