Yesterday outfit/ Business in Lace

I just try to post some outfits now . So please forgive me if the pics are not good and my face looks somehow...strange ;-). Trying to get used to this. Normally my outfits are not the highlight of the day, but maybe I force myself with this to do better and try harder to find nice outfits :-).

Although I sometimes ask myself if all the posted outfits are really worn or just put on to make photos?! Honestly, I wonder if all the bloggers are fulltime bloggers and can wear these outfits all day every day?! I mean, as a business consultant I just can't wear short skirts, shorts, mini dresses, really high plattforms, maxi dresses, sandals etc. So, these business outfits are how I'm dressed most of the day and I'd love to see more pics from others how they get dressed for their working day. Well, maybe this would be more boring and uninteresting, but at least me would be excited ;-) 

So, here's my second experiment: "usual business day"

Blazer, shirt, lace skirt - H&M/ metal cap pumps - Topshop/ necklace - Diesel

What do you think? Too boring?!


  1. Hi!
    I read your comment on my latest post. And since I don't really have a reply option I thought I'd just send you a quick comment to let you know that the leather ones I got actually are on sale :)

    x, Yara

    1. Hi, thx for your message. That's really nice to let me know ;-). The leather pants look so fabulous...I'm torn ;-)
      Thx again...

  2. gorgeous shoes!

    GIVEAWAY on my blog!

    xo, zia


  3. Tolles Bild, du hübsche :)) ♥

  4. Mir gefällt es sehr gut! Sehr klassisch, mag ich :)

    Liebe Grüße!