Schumacher SS 13/ Virtual Runway

This morning I was a little excited, because of the Schumacher show ;-). Yeah, some of you might think..."Why was she excited then? Just a fashion show!" Well, since I really havn't see a real runways show so far and missed all the chances to see virtual shows due to my work schedule...I was so happy that I could finally made it this morning.

All guests like Lily Cole, Annette Weber, Alena Gerber, Marie Nasemann, Dana Schweiger etc. seated in the front row and to the sounds of The Temper Trap (Sweet Disposition) the "Virtual Romance" show started with the opening of the mystery door.

52 models representing Schumacher, as the nice young lady behind the camera told us before (different personalities, multifarious, straight, intelligent and with "heart education") showed really "Virtual Romance" (motto of the show). Unfortunately, the pictures via lifestream were a bit dark and though the colors weren't as clear as on the runway.

my view on the runway....360 degress possible ;-)
Anyway, I enjoyed the show! I love the combination of straight and clean cuts, but with cute details like valances at the arms or floral and graphic prints. Also the very business-suitable combination of pants and blazer in same color and print caught my eye and were moved directly to the wish list (that was a great option - to put all pieces you like directly on a wish list). Regarding the color I expected a bit more. It was mainly brown, ocker, blue, a lot of white and little pastels. Thought it would be more colorful for spring summer...but hey...they already had it last year, right?!

What I really like is that the silhouettes getting more feminin again. I'm not a big fan of oversize all over! And for me it was a little to much "mantling" during the last season. So, I really appreciate more feminin cuts and curves ;-). 

my view during the show

I guess, I need to safe some money or search a second job according to the wish list ;-). Overall, I really like the new collection and hopefully I can afford at least on piece of my favorite look.

pic clied from Les Mads

Since, the screenshots from the show are not a good quality....@Les Mads and @Styles you Love you can see a lot more pics.

Definitely a successful SS 13 collection and totally "Virtual Romance"! 

Do you like the new collection? What's your favorite?
Enjoy mbfwb!

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