Mary Katrantzou for Topshop/ nearly sold out

pics via Topshop

Of course, I was curious about the Mary Katrantzou collection for Topshop and therefore it was one of the first things I did this morning - checking Topshop.

So, the nine piece collection is totally what I expected and I really like the dresses and pants with those colorful prints, but after looking at the pieces and making out my favorites I wasn't sure anymore if I really want to spend 169,00 € on a printed blue pants?! Or 52,00 € for a leggins? I don't know....I mean, I know it's Mary Katrantzou and this is really affordable compared to her original collections...sure...but it's still just a leggins and printed...that means, I probably will wear it only for a limited time - during next winter maybe and that's it.

pics via Topshop

I don't always think and shop like this...not sure why I suddenly thought so this morning?!

Did you get one of the pieces?

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