Rose-colored glasses

When you see things through rose-colored glasses soon the day comes when the world starts to appear in grey again....BUT this time it's different! Really different. It's totally a lifetime thing, I know it! It will never be grey again....! Never ever! And I'm sure that we are meant to be together forever....we are made for each other to spend our lives together....I hope my boyfriend don't mind ;-)?!

Reverso leather jacket found here
The price we need to pay to be together is high, but it's a lifetime investment and for really good things in life you need to pay the price, right?! And this one I love to pay ;-).

Can't wait to hold it in my arms!


  1. I am really eager to know how you like the jacket on you...

    1. Me too, but I have to wait a little since it can't be delivered at the moment ;-(