Beautiful piece....from months ago

As some of you have surely read...some month already ago  Mauri from Mau-Fashion started the charity "Bloggers against AIDS". Nearly fifty bloggers followed him and auctioned something like a dress, a bag, books etc. you could bid on....and all the money from the auctions was spend to the Deutsche AIDS Hilfe.

I think this charity was a great idea and shows how much people can and are willing to give to help others! We need more of these ideas and engagement to help at least a little!

Loving this idea and wanting to support this charity with a donation, I bid at "i heart Berlin" for a shirt and the book "Berlin Fashion Now" which was on my wishlist anyway (post will follow soon)! Buying such great things and doing something good at the same time is a really nice idea - not new, but to be continued this year!

I love the shirt and the book is great too and at least, I could give a tiny little bit!

 Thx to iHeart Berlin!


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