Wanna have outfit with CHINA DOLL BOUTIQUE

Hi all, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend?

Yesterday, lovely Nhuc from CHINA DOLL BOUTIQUE told me about a blogger competition she is hosting. Create an outfit around one item picked on China Doll Boutique, worth up to 200 GBP.

Well, it took me a while to decide for one item, because there were several pieces I really liked and of course, I would love to win :-). But finally I decided for Sasha - a white monochrome spot print top for just 10 GBP. Isn't it lovely!?

So, here's my wanna have outfit around the shirt including dungarees, heels, mirrored sunglasses and a beautiful red bag. I really hope to win and own this outfit! So pls. cross your fingers!

Outfit details:

Total amount: 190,87 GBP

Good night all and have a good start in the week!

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