Is it all about sacrifice?!

It has been quiet during the last weeks here. I know. But I don't felt very inspired and motivated currently :-(. I have the feeling to drift from winter sleep into spring fever! Terrible! But this strange feeling came over me already some weeks ago. I kind of felt overwhelmed, exhausted, heavy and full and empty in my head at the same time. Weird somehow. I don't know why...?! But I started my little change last November when I quit my job. The first time felt really good. Now it's getting a little frustrating, because I haven't planned staying at home for so long. But I guess, it's good for a reason. But to be honest, I always thought I would know where the journey would go when I'm 30! The truth is, I still don't know exactly! Maybe this is the way life goes! Maybe it's good to question some things again from time to time! Maybe I'm just a little nuts these days ;-). Who knows!?

Moreover, I somehow started to deal a lot with sacrifice this time. Not a clue why?! It just happened...I made a Detox cure and gave up on meat, fish, all milk products and carbohydrates. All vegan and maybe this makes me feel even more uninspired, because of the terrible headache. OK,  my decision. 

Furthermore, the last time I shopped was beginning of the year....my Lala Berlin jumper which was on sale. Since then...NOTHING! And this is really hard due to the lovely spring trends in all shops now and not to mention all the sales! This is hard for me! Maybe the headache is a kind of withdrawal symptoms, because of the shopping stop?! Hello, my name is Katharina and I'm a consumption victim! My decision, too! Nevertheless, I was so overwhelmed with all new trends, fashion weeks that I always had the feeling to buy more and more to be up to date. At the same time, it didn't felt good anymore. Even when it comes to this blog, I felt some kind of pressure. And I guess this was the worst thing. Because I always wanted to do that for pleasure, for the passion and joy of fashion and everything that comes with it. Not a good base for a blog, I think!

So, I also reduced browsing during the last weeks. Last week, I was online on Thursday for the first and just very short time to send some applications, do some banking and browse through my favorite blogs and I tried to enter the pre-opening on "& Other Stories" (which wasn't possible at all). 

I don't know, but I guess, I just needed a break and a little less of everything. Maybe sometimes you need some sacrifice to really appreciate and love things again!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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