Santigold - Live Music Hall Cologne

I already posted that I'm a fan of Santigold and therefore its not surprising that I took the chance to see her live in Cologne's Live Music Hall on Wednesday.

I was really excited to see and hear how the music would be live. Cause honestly, I needed to hear her album a few time before I was convinced. Maybe that's because it's so special, so different from everything else I listen to normally. She mixes so many different styles to an awesome sound that really inspires me. Caribean drums, electro sounds, guitars and her bright voice. I just loved it!

Her two dancers were really amazing, her outfits were special...not the usual sexy dresscode you see on stage, but unique and stylish and so Santigold!

Unfortunatly we couldn't take a camera and the pics from iPhone are not good...;-(.

Is anyone planning to see her, too?
Have a nice weekend and hopefully a little sunshine.


  1. Santigold *-*, her songs are amazing! I hope she will come to munic somewhen. I wanna see her too :3. Wish you a nice day :).
    LG, Moon =^^=

  2. ooooh niiiiiice :)))))

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