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I have to admit that I really like "The devil wears Prada", although it was just a movie and for sure didn't told the truth about the business of working for a fashion magazine....not just a fashion magazine, but the most influencing one! The more I was fascinated about "The September Issue" and the biography from Grace Coddington "Grace - A memoir". The way she writes about her passion and how she pointed out her view on fashion and photography really cast a spell over me. 

And for all of you who feel the same way...a new documentary on Vogue, especially the most influencing Vogue fashion editors, will air on February 6th, 10 PM on Sky Atlantic HD. "IN VOGUE - The editor's eye" (HBO) takes a look behind the scenes to celebrate the 120th birthday of Vogue Magazine. 

Actresses like Nicole Kidman or Sarah Jessica Parker as well as Marc Jacobs or Vera Wang tell about their experiences about working with Vogue editors and photographers. Of course, the main part of the documentary will be the Vogue editors like Grace Coddington, Tonne Goodman or Phyllis Posnick talking about their greatest passion.... 

See the trailer here: 

The documentary was aired on HBO already in December in the US. Have you already seen it? Tell me what you think! Do you liked it or do you think it's just another documentary?! 

For the once of you who are into picture books like me...."Vogue - The editor's eye" is also available as illustrated book. 
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I can't wait to see the documentary! 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


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  2. I've read about this documentary before! I loved The September Issue, so I trust this will be very nice at the least too.

    xoxo, Sam